About us

Who are we?

We are a team of very inspired people who continued the life work of our husband, father and boss in our own way. Dogcentre Holland was struck by disaster in 2013 when Frans van der Elsen passed away because of the effects of esophageal cancer. It was a tragedy; however we had to stand strong and so we did. More or less family under the banner of our name: Dogcentre Holland.

People with energy, courage, enthusiasm, passion, work ethic and drive. People who do not have a nine to five mentality but always go for the animals first, like farmers. However, people who can be hard when necessary too be but always with the heart in the right place.

That is Dogcentre Holland: passion for dogs; ambition to make the most of the dog and eagerness to make our business gradually grow into a magnificent center that exudes and contains professionalism and quality.