Clinics to make your dog obedient!

If you have the most amazing dog in the world, only this one (two, three) things...
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Why these clinics?

A lot of people came to us with their dogs to sell them because of bad behavior or annoying issues. Sometimes the dog was suitable for our work but most of the time not. There was only one option left: a home wouldn't adopt him, so the vet...

As we demonstrated how we solve these bad behavior issues on their dog, some people couldn't believe their own eyes.

They were willing to drive 13 times a lot of distance to take a course from 1 hour only at our dog school just to keep their pet!

We specified the program and now you need 1-2-max 3 clinics. We look for all the issues and we solve them.

To good to be true? Try it.

Costs: € 60,- per hour. usually 1 clinic is 1,5 - 2 hours.