Intern or volunteer?

You want to get started as a volunteer or intern?
Very well!
Do you love big dogs?
Not afraid to get your hands dirty?
Working at a dog traningcentre seems attractive to you?
Are you by any chance looking for a position as a volunteer/Intern?
That is a coincidence! Since we are looking for you too.

At least…..

  • If you are not afraid of (big) dogs
  • If you know how to pull of a job
  • If you have experience with dogs or you want to get the experience
  • If you are a team worker and not a solo player
  • If you are curious and eager to learn how dogs learn that, finding drugs, explosives or finding people under the rubble of a building, are their biggest reward…
  • If you are not averse of (a lot of) dog shit
  • If you think big shepherds and busy hunting dogs are cool
  • If you want to pet Fifi who misses grandma while sitting in the boarding kennel
  • If you don’t see it as a problem to walk 10 dogs a day and also to brush them
  • If once in a while you have to get up at 5 in the morning to get them to the airport for transport to the United States…..

You are welcome to Dogcentre Holland!

We can employ/place a lot of interns but full is full so don’t wait too long and enter the world in which working dogs are trained for police, customs, army but also social dogs and other V.I.P. jobs.

Send your mail and your CV to:   
For more detailed information you may contact Miriam Severijns at
+31 654 76 24 94

We are located in Meijel, (triangle Eindhoven, Venlo, Roermond)
Important condition is that you a well insured and that you are in the possession of a valid ID.