Quality and reliability are our priority. Only through a perfect control our dogs can distinguish the quality as a working dog.
We supply dogs that can be places in different programs: detection, tracking, patrol, dual purpose, guide and combination dogs.
Our dogs are social with people and are handled by many different guys. When we deliver them they have a basis and can have obedience.
Only by a perfect well being they can perform, Good food, medical check but also being outside, contact with people and environment is of utmost importance for us.
In daily training every dog is treated as one individual. Training is more than a general program. It is precision. In most cases the dog gets a fixed guide after the education in our center. Usually the dog stays at home with his handler.


  • We only deliver medically well found dogs
  • Our dogs carry a European Passport, needed vaccinations and if needed x rays
  • We give a guarantee on the dogs, depending on the agreements

Futhermore: ask for our terms and conditions.