Types of dogs we are looking for:

German/Dutch Shepherds or cross, Malinois, Labradors, Pointers, Vizsla's, Springer Spaniel, Weimaran and Hunting Terrier.  

Detection dogs: high drive dogs, brave, not older than 2,5 years, medically ok, Sports breeds and Pointy ears

Patrol dogs: dogs with an eagerness to bite stable on Jacket or sleeve, civil threat must be no problem, stick no problem not older than 3 years and medically oke

Dual purpose dogs: dogs that do both: search and bite on sleeve or jacket inside and outside. Brave; not older than 3 years, medically ok

Personal protection dogs: stable dogs, social with people but undaunted in every new situation.

Guide dogs: stable dogs with a lot of will to please

Certified dogs: dogs with a KNPV, IPO Schutzhund, PH1 or B&O certificate, free, relaxed and happy but serious. maximum 3 years of age