Dog profile

 Breed: German Shephard– Malinois – Dutch Shepherd or a mix of these breeds - Labrador - German Short haired - Pointer - Vizsla - Weimaraner - Hunting Terrier

 Age: min. 8 months max. 3,5 years

 Sex:  male – female , sterilized or castrated is not necessarily a problem

 Character: free and Happy – not scared – very driven on a toy and prey drive 

instead of hunting drive. Good search inside and outside where the dog has to keep his toy with him   

 Level: green dogs, dogs that have obedience and certified dogs and everything in between could be suitable for us

Sporting dogs, pets, pedigree or not, obedient or not… this is less important for us than character

Health: X-ray wise good on pelvis, spine and elbows, good clinical examination and good teeth and eyes