Our slogan is: "Allow your dog a holiday too!"
Your dog, whatever breed is welcome in our boarding centre. If you go on holiday or you don't have time for the dog for a while, you can board him or her here. We can even pick up some training if you have issues with your pet.

Our idea: a dog may be a dog: playing with others, if possible even playing when the weather is not so nice, running in the field... that's a dogs pleasure. Dogs come out 2- 3 times a day at least for a play or a walk or both.

We can feed our or your food, depending on your wish or the dogs diet.

Please make a reservation and take care of the vaccinations: Cocktail and Kennel Cough (KC) 


Short stay (max 30 days)
€ 11,- a night 

Long stay: min. 31 days
€ 10,- a night

Extra care
€ 15,- a night. The dog will have it's own special place where it feels most comfortable

Stay incl. training
€ 22,50 a night on days where the dog is trained. how many days a week is your decision.