Interns that work at Dogcentre are allowed to:

  • Take care of the dogs
  • Provide food and water for the dogs
  • Clean the kennels
  • Assist in training
  • Under supervision do a training by themselves
  • Assisting in medical care 
  • Assisting at the vets with making x rays
  • Join a transport of dogs
  • Assisting in projects and jobs
  • Grooming
  • Do all relevant jobs with help
  • Join the coaching sessions to get aware of your own competences
  • Stay in the house for interns if traveling takes too much time.

The interns must:

  • Run 1 probation day to see if we have a match
  • Be hard workers
  • Be pro active
  • Not be a sissy
  • Be eager to learn
  • Respect the rules of the company
  • Be social towards others
  • Not be scared of dogs
  • Have a good physical condition
  • Be motivated
  • Have a heart for animals
  • Not have a nine to five mentality

There is much allowed but there is also much required, as it is the case with animals.

Come and test run a day. We work from 8-17 o'clock.