Dogcentre wants:

  • Educate as many dogs as possible as a help to prevent crime.
  • Be a part of the world of  working dogs, in which our dogs accomplish good results.
  • Growth and have good company results, to be able to achieve and guarantee continuity to proceed and to accomplish further missions.
  • Cooperation with partners if it leads to a strengthening position (towards the service offered).
  • Professionalize in the most general way.


Dogcentre Holland is a professional company with professional targets. Both on the content, business wise and and in the way of appearance. Dogcentre Holland remains fascinated by the tension of operations, in which dogs are used and there is a conviction in collaboration between man and animal in law enforcement, rescue and relief operations.

Dogcentre Holland stands for:

  • The selection and education of the dog as a weapon against crime.
  • A versatile range of conditional healthy and good working dogs.
  • Allows the customer to play a central role. The buyer must be given space in the selection process.
  • The supplier is considered to be a customer but the highest priority goes to the buyer.
  • A live and let live principle.
  • Use of each others strengths, cooperation is a very important point to be meaningful to the market.