Marion Hofman-Hofmann

About ten years ago we came into contact with you after I placed an emergency add for our German shepherd Charlie. He was too dominant and the situation got out of hand when he reacted out of fear towards the neighbours kid when we were walking him. Thanks to Frans, who came to our help in an absolutely amazing way in training Charlie there was no need to get rid of him. We have enjoyed our rascal for another 8 years.

Charlie is now no longer with us, he was twelve years of age when he passed away. Shortly after his passing we adopted Nike, another German shepherd who could not stay with it’s owner due to circumstances.

We are still very thankful to Frans for the way he helped us. The things we learned back then are still used on Nike today.

Hans Hermans

Pepper, who we got from Dogcentre Holland, now 6 years old and very social, vigilant, very obedient and an amazing protector of our home and children.