Trainee References

Myrthe Mestrom

Today I really ran my last day of this fantastic internship. The period of my internship was from November 11th to April 21st, on Wednessday and Tuesday. I really like dit here! You learn a lot about the health and condition of the dogs. Also about the training, retrieving , tracking, biting and searching. Ofcourse there is also work to be done like walking the dogs, cleaning the kennels, cleaning stables, disinfecting the bowls etc. But that is part of the job and I didn’t mind this at all. The supervision is really good here and it is a great team! Like I said I really love dit here and because of this I will return in the future. If you are looking for a fun and educative company to run your internship and you love dogs and know how to take on physical tasks, then you are on the right place here! I would like to thank all employees of Dogcentre Holland and all the other interns/trainees for all the educative and fun days. See you soon!

Joni Jurriens

I have also ran an internship at Dogcentre Holland. I learned a lot about the training but also the behaviour of the dogs. During training, but also during walking them or in their kennel. What is fun at Dogcentre is that there are a number of different trainers and everyone has their own story about what they do or don’t and the reason why. As a trainee you are very well supervised here. You can always go to someone for questions. During every internship there are also some less fun chores, but if you do these well there is enough time fort he fun stuff. I do definitely recommend Dogcentre.