Trainee of the month April

This month Robin Dera is our trainee of the month. Learn more about Robin:

My name is Robin Dera and I am 16 years old. I live in Hintham, which is a place near Den Bosch. I currently study the education called "Eco & Wildlife". It's not very affiliated with this job, but I noticed during my internship that this field of work is something I would like to get more affiliated with. My hobby's are: training my own dog, going out, meeting friends and gaming.

How did you end up at Dogcentre Holland?

My father came with the idea to run an internship on a dog related company. At that time I thought there were no such internships available, but when I did some research I found this company.

What do you like the most about your work at Dogcentre?

To watch and help with the training of the dogs. I also like to to do chores/maintenance work and helping people in that way.

Were you into dogs before you came here?

Ever since I was young we kept dogs at my home. This gave me the motivation to go and work with them.

What goals would you like to reach here in the future?

I really like it here! This is why I would love to return during the vacation periods and such as a volunteer.