Open Door Day Dogcentre Holland

The world of working dogs is not so wellknown or self explanatory for everyone.

It is a very specific field that evokes a lot of curiousity, confusion, interest but also fear among a lot of people. 

For us working with police/working dogs is our daily business, which we enjoy most of all and in which we make progress.

Slowly we have grown and currently our dogs work in many countries of our world.

Frans van der Elsen was the founder of Dogcentre Holland. Unfortunately he passed away at 46 years of age - way too soon- due to cancer. We have continued his work and company and made it grow. His company is now our company and we are proud of this.

We host this day in his honour.

On the day Frans would have turned 51 years of age; next May 7th, we want to invite you to come take a look at his -but also very much our- world of the training of working dogs.

Come take a look and discover:

-          How dogs track and search

-          How dogs learn and develop

-          That these dogs are not vicious and will not bite on just any occasion

-          How much our dogs enjoy their work

-          How we train dogs

-          What's involved in the work that our dogs perform.

-          What makes a dog a true working dog

-          What it takes to school dogs

-          How much fun our bouncing castle is

-          Which other animals also live with us

-          What a top-class sport biteworking is for working dogs


Starting at 10:00 till 15:00 there will be demonstrations and tours every thirty minutes. There will be merchandise, a bouncing castle, pony rides and there will be food and drinks for sale.

Free entry.

Signing-up through facebook is much appreciated.