Please, do not bring your own dog to our open door day.

Hello everybody! After some reactions on our open door day we would like to avoid confusion and clear something up:

Please do not bring your own dogs to our coming open door day!

This for the wellbeing of our dogs and ofcourse also your dog. This day will attract a lot of doglovers possibly. This would make the place very crowded and overstimulating in no time.

Do you think your dog is suited to be a working dog and you would like to give him/her up? Your dog can be tested, even on our open door day!

If this is the case, you can apply your dog to:

Characteristics your dog should show to be suited:

- Loves to fetch and search a ball
- Social with people and undaunted in every new situation.
- Has no problems with new situations in and outdoors.
- In good medical health ( medical check-up will be at our costs)
- Not older than three years of age and not younger than 10 months of age. 

Do you have a dog who loves working and has a will to please? Then we are very interested!