Would you like to participate in a bitework clinic??

Would like to wear the suit or sleeve? Would you like a clinic about bitework? For the coming period of May to June we are still looking for some tough guys and girls! Take a look at the pictures of Micka, who just finished his internship here!

-Do you love big dogs?
-Not afraid to get your hands dirty?
-Working at a dog traningcentre seems attractive to you?
-Are you by any chance looking for a position as a volunteer/Intern?
-That is a coincidence! Since we are looking for you too.

  • Minimum age 15 years old
  • Hard worker
  • Pro active
  • Teamplayer
  • High drive
  • Passion for dogs.
  • Reliable
  • Willing to learn and to execute commands
  • Prepared to do all the tasks that are needed to run a company like ours

For more information click here!