Trainee of the month

This month Inge is our trainee of the month! Learn more about Inge:

My name is Inge, I am 16 years old and I live in Bodegraven. I am currently in the first year of the education "paraveterinair/vet assistent" at Barneveld. I love cycle racing, horsebackriding , longbording and drawing in my free time.

How did you end up at Dogcentre Holland?

Because a classmate of mine saw Dogcentre Holland at an internship even at my school. When she ultimately chose another internship I contacted Dogcentre Holland.

What do you like the most about your work at Dogcentre?

When you are allowed to help with the training and when you see progress in a dog after a longer period of time.

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Were you into dogs before you came here?

Yes, I have a dog at home which I train on obedience.

What goals would you like to reach here in the future?

I hope to learn more about the behaviour of dogs and how to react on this.