Dogs for private owners and families

Within our center we train working dogs. Now and then it happens that a dog is not suited for this type of work.

That type of dog is in a much better place within a family or as sport’s companion. We can rehome these dogs.

The advantage is that we know the dogs pretty well, the dogs are clinically examined and we can bring them in all kinds of situations and settings to see how they react.

Some reasons for rehoming are:

The dog is: Too young - too sweet - not driven enough - there is a small medical issue - the exterior of the dog does not match that of a typical working dog – the dog is not happy as a working dog – the dog lacks the fearlessness that is needed in this field.

When you are looking for a lovely companion you can contact us. We are always honest in our advice and we will try to find the best suiting dog for you. It is important to us that the dog find’s the right place and the owner finds the ultimate companion. The match has to be right.

We are dependent on the number of and type of dogs we get, so there is no constant supply. We work on a custom base. The prices will vary and are on request.

All dogs are chipped, have a European passport and are dewormed.