Website live!

More than 3 years ago, after our big example: Frans van der Elsen passed away, our website is on air. The first year after his death we did nothing but working and staying alive. We worked, worked worked. The second year we discovered we were still going on and step by step we began to think about the future. Slowly we created our own path in the direction of this company. The third year we felt a little bit of sunshine again and we decided to go for quality dogs and improve the facility. Bit by bit succes came after all this hard work. Our buildings got better and dogs went into a higher level. Our selection is getting more and more strict and our training more and more professional.
Behind the screens a lot of office work is done. After a studies of almost 1 year, the needed official certificate is ours.
Suppliers came and come back, same as customers.
Cooperation with K10 Working Dogs is still done and is successful.

Now we are 3 years further and almost a year working on a website.
Team: I don't know how to thank you for all your passion, dedication and zeal.
This website is also a tribute to you and represents who we are: professionals with the heart in the right place and the slogan of our chief in mind: work gdmn!